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Table 1 Number of fish examined, total length (mm), weight (g) standard deviation, and number of parasites per sampling location and taxon. Total number of taxa per location (last row) and total number of parasites per location as well as the range of locations in which each taxon occur (right column)

From: Geographic variation in composition of metazoan parasite infracommunities in Galaxias maculatus Jenyns 1842 (Osmeriformes: Galaxiidae) in southern Chile (38-47° S)

Sampling locationEbakEpueEvalLaysLbakLmauLvalRaysRimpRmauRval 
N fishes examined15615151562220201913
Total length (mm)3744323727363632404632
Standard deviation (mm)1,11,53,92,13,82,44,23,55,78,92,4
Weight (g)0,270,590,320,530,180,560,490,320,560,550,33 
Standard deviation (g)0,170,140,110,130,110,140,130,100,180,090,07 
Parasite taxa (si; S)a           N parasitesN locations
Argulus sp. (sk, f; A)0010200010240374
Dactylogyridae gen. sp. (g; A)00000376110185
Camallanus corderoi (i; L)0200010000032
Cystidicoloides sp. (s; A)0100001011044
Contracaecum sp. (m, bc; L)210015002030326
Tylodelphys sp. (cc; L)7140369472148685151048108410
Posthodiplostomum sp. (i, s; L)0000010010022
Achanthostomoides apophalliformis (bc; L)0000101000022
Metacercaria A. apophalliformis (l; M)02000620000103
Allocreadium pichi (i; A)0000090000091
Larva Cyclophyllidea (i; L)1000010030053
Acanthocephalus sp. (i; A)4004000000082
N taxa35224852741  
  1. asi site of infection, i intestine, cc cranial cavity, g gills, m mesenteries, f fins, bc body cavity, l liver, s stomach, sk skin
  2. S Stage, A Adult, L Larva, M Metacercaria