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Table 1 Degrees of freedom (D. F.), χ2 and P-value of generalized a linear mixed-effects model testing the effects of seed density, species (Ipomoea murucoides, I. pauciflora), and type of aqueous extract (seed extract of I. murucoides, seed extract of I. pauciflora, and water) on seed germination of I. murucoides and I. pauciflora

From: Density-dependent effect of allelopathy on germination and seedling emergence in two Ipomoea species

Source of variation D. F. X 2 P
Aqueous extract 4 286.8 2.2e−16
Seed species 1 1.04 0.3076
Seed density 1 14.13 0.00017
Aqueous extract × seed species 4 35.35 3.93e−07
Aqueous extract × seed density 4 71.71 9.86e−15
Seed species × seed density 1 0.80 0.3706
Aqueous extract × seed species × seed density 4 9.81 0.043