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Table 1 Average values of cuticular thickness, stomatal density, and sizes of occlusive cells and ostioles by treatment in abaxial and adaxial leaf surfaces of A. vera ( n= 20)

From: Relationships between leaf anatomy, morphology, and water use efficiency in Aloe vera (L) Burm f. as a function of water availability

Treatments/surface Cuticle thickness (μm) Stomatal density (Nº mm−2) Stomata
Occlusive cells Ostioles
Length Width Length Width
(μm) (μm) (μm) (μm)
 T1 13.34C 21.00B 52.18AB 52.05B 39.58A 6.26A
 T2 16.02B 21.10B 56.64AB 54.89A 39.55A 5.21A
 T3 16.92AB 22.85B 52.77AB 51.28B 32.57B 5.38A
 T4 18.70A 30.80A 55.29A 49.59B 36.93A 3.02B
 T1 11.74C 20.60C 57.26A 5178A 40.73B 4.61B
 T2 11.76B 23.35C 57.62A 50.23B 42.02A 5.45A
 T3 14.38AB 27.12B 55.89AB 48.20AB 42.06A 3.97B
 T4 15.44A 30.80A 54.48B 48.18B 40.91A 2.16C
Average 14.79 25.05 55.05 50.99 38.90 4.49
  1. Values with different letter designations in the same column and surface are significantly different (P ≤ 0.05).