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Table 3 Estimated effects of protected areas on poverty in Chile. The main explanatory variable is a continuous variable equal to the fraction of the unit’s area that is protected

From: The impact of protected areas on poverty: evidence from Chile

  Outcome of interest: poverty index
  Main model under new specification Alternative model under new specification
  (1) (2)
Fraction of the unit’s area protected -0.010 (0.006) 0.009 (0.017)
Fraction of the unit’s area protected Patagonia   -0.024 (0.018)
\(log(population)\) 0.259 (0.196) 0.259 (0.197)
Constant -3.432 (2.305) -3.431 (2.309)
Unit-fixed effect Yes Yes
Year-fixed effect Yes Yes
No. of observations 534 534
\({R}^{2}\) 0.913 0.914
  1. Robust standard errors clustered at the unit level are reported in parentheses