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Table 3 Summary of results for the (A) ‘Germination in water’ and (B) ‘Germination over substrate’ experiments. Each seed was individually assessed after completion of each experiment, according to the following categories: "Germ", seeds that germinated during the experiment and were viable at the end; "Rot", rotten seeds at the end of the experiment; "Hollow", seeds with only tegument (no embryo) at the end of the experiment. "Control still W" is a result from a control experiment, where seeds were germinated in water without motion. "w/o W" is a result from a control experiment in which seeds were germinated without being immersed in water. More details in Fig. S1

From: Rivers as a potential dispersing agent of the invasive tree Acacia dealbata

  Scarified Not scarified
Treatment Result Treatment Result
(A) Germination in water 15 days 100% germ 15 days 0% germ, 20% rot
35 days 90% germ 35 days 16% germ, 8% rot
55 days 70% germ, 16% rot, 6% hollow 55 days 0% germ, 1% hollow
Still Water (Control) 96% germ Still Water (Control) 16% germ
(B) Germination over substrate 15 days 44% germ 15 days 18% germ
35 days 75% germ 35 days 8% germ
55 days 80% germ 55 days 0% germ
w/o Water (Control) 44% germ w/o Water (Control) 0% germ