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Table 1 Results of permutation analysis to relate through RDA the number of A. dealbata´s seeds captured in the river with (A) presence of adult individuals of the same species at each site and (B) hydraulic characteristics at each sampled point. Significant results are highlighted in bold

From: Rivers as a potential dispersing agent of the invasive tree Acacia dealbata

Predictor variables to RDA RDA1 P perm
(A) Seed pressure from floodplain Abundance of individuals within 45 m -0.015 0.978
Abundance of individuals within 30 m -0.117 0.759
Abundance of individuals within 15 m -0.164 0.644
Median DBH of individuals within 45 m -0.295 0.406
Median DBH of individuals within 30 m -0.184 0.636
Median DBH of individuals within 15 m 0.510 0.104
(B) Hydraulic characteristics Reynolds number 0.670 0.011
Froude number 0.448 0.170
Flow velocity 0.539 0.073
Flow depth -0.184 0.679