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Table 2 Academic profiles of the 14 ecologists that appear in Table 1, in the same sequence

From: World-level ecologists in Chile: Oldtimers, newcomers, and the bypassed

Name Birth year Institutions (Ph.D., current, CCTE) Research lines declared
Juan Carlos Castilla 1940 U. of Wales, U. Católica de Chile, CASEB Human impacts in marine ecosystems
Martin Thiel 1962 U. of Maine, U. Católica del Norte, CEAZA Ecology and biodiversity of marine ecosystems
Francisco Bozinovic 1959 U. de Chile, U. Católica de Chile, CASEB, CAPES Zoology, integrative biology, and biodiversity
Hermann Niemeyer 1941 U. of California-Berkeley, U. de Chile, IEB Chemical ecology and communication
Fabian Jaksic 1952 U. of California-Berkeley, U. Católica de Chile, CASEB, CAPES Ecological impacts of invaders, biodiversity, and sustainability
Pablo Marquet 1963 U. of New México, U. Católica de Chile, CASEB, IEB Macroecology and metabolic ecology
Bernabé Santelices 1945 U. of Hawaii, U. Católica de Chile, CASEB Ecology of marine algae
Ernesto Gianoli 1970 Swedish U. of Agricultural Sciences, U. de La Serena, CEAZA Functional ecology of plants and herbivores
Sergio Navarrete 1964 Oregon State U., U. Católica de Chile, CASEB, CAPES Dynamics, diversity, and conservation of marine ecosystems
Alex Fajardo 1971 U. of Montana, U. de Talca, CIEP Forest ecology and climate change
Stefan Gelcich 1973 U. of Wales, U. Católica de Chile, CASEB, CAPES, SECOS Interactions between ecological and social systems in coastal areas
Enrico Rezende 1977 U. of California-Riverside, U. Católica de Chile, CAPES Interface between physiology, ecology, and evolution
Luis Ebensperger 1964 Boston U., U. Católica de Chile, CASEB Behavioral ecology, group living, and sociality
Antonio Lara 1956 U. of Colorado, U. Austral de Chile, FORECOS, CR2 Global change, ecosystem services, and ecological restoration