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Table 1 Sample size and localities assessed in this study for A. olivacea and O. longicaudatus in the Chilean southern Patagonia. All localities are grouped by precedence, i.e., mainland or island

From: Morphological variation in two sigmodontine rodents along the mainland and the Fuegian archipelago in Chilean southern Patagonia

  A. olivacea O. longicaudatus
Locality Sample size Sample size
 RN Magallanes 1
 Puerto de Hambre 6 2
 Fuerte Bulnes 6 11
 PN Pali Aike 16
 PN Torres del Paine 6 14
Total mainland 34 28
 Isla Wellington 7 7
 Isla Riesco 12 6
 PN Kawésqar 2
 Isla Capitán Aracena 2
 Porvenir (Isla Tierra del Fuego) 13 2
 Karukinka (Isla Tierra del Fuego) 12 1
 Isla Navarino 3
Total insular 46 21
Total sample size 80 49