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Table 1 Centers included in this study, number of cases analyzed between 2011 and 2015, and proportion of data contribution to total database

From: A five-year retrospective study on patterns of casuistry and insights on the current status of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers in Chile

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center Number of cases %
Rescue and Rehabilitation Center of Marine and Coastal Fauna, Iquique 50 1.5
Veterinary Hospital, Universidad Santo Tomás, Viña del Mar 1065 31.2
National Zoo Rehabilitation Center of Native and Exotic Fauna, Santiago 1183 34.6
Wildlife Rehabilitation Unit (UFAS), Universidad Andrés Bello-BuinZoo, Buin 186 5.4
Rehabilitation Center for Wildlife (CEREFAS), Universidad Austral, Valdivia 934 27.3
Total 3418