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Table 1 Taxonomic classification of the bird species of Santiago

From: A citizen-based platform reveals the distribution of functional groups inside a large city from the Southern Hemisphere: e-Bird and the urban birds of Santiago (Central Chile)

Order Family Scientific name Trophic guild Migratory/Resident Urban nesting English common name Spanish common name Conservation status IUCN
Accipitriformes Accipitridae Elanus leucurus C R Without information White-tailed Kite Bailarín LC
   Geranoaetus melanoleucus C R Yes Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle Aguila LC
   Geranoaetus polyosoma C R Without information Variable hawk Aguilucho LC
   Parabuteo unicinctus C R Without information Harris’s hawk Peuco LC
Apodiformes Trochilidae Sephanoides sephaniodes N M No Green-backed firecrown Picaflor chico LC
Charadriiformes Charadriidae Vanellus chilensis I R Yes Southern lapwing Queltehue LC
  Laridae Larus dominicanus O R No Kelp gull Gaviota dominicana LC
   Leucophaeus pipixcan O M No Franklin’s gull Gaviota de Franklin LC
Columbiformes Columbidae Columba livia a O R Yes Rock dove Paloma LC
   Columbina picui G R Yes Picui ground-dove Tortolita cuyana LC
   Patagioenas araucana F M Without information Chilean pigeon Torcaza LC
   Zenaida auriculata G R Yes Eared dove Tórtola LC
Falconiformes Falconidae Milvago chimango O R Yes Chimango caracara Tiuque LC
   Falco sparverius C R Yes American kestrel Cernícalo LC
   Falco peregrinus C R Possibly Peregrine falcon Halcón peregrino LC
Galliformes Odontophoridae Callipepla californica a G R Yes California quail Codorniz LC
Passeriformes Cotingidae Phytotoma rara H R Yes Rufous-tailed plantcutter Rara LC
  Emberizidae Zonotrichia capensis G R Yes Rufous-collared sparrow Chincol LC
  Fringillidae Spinus barbatus G R Yes Black-chinned siskin Jilguero LC
  Furnariidae Aphrastura spinicauda I R Yes Thorn-tailed rayadito Rayadito LC
   Leptasthenura aegithaloides I R Yes Plain-mantledtit-spinetail Tijeral LC
   Upucerthia saturatior I M No Patagonian forest earthcreeper Bandurrilla de los bosques NE
  Hirundinidae Pygochelidon cyanoleuca I M Possibly Blue-and-white swallow Golondrina de dorso negro LC
   Tachycineta leucopyga I R Yes Chilean swallow Golondrina chilena LC
  Icteridae Agelasticus thilius I R Possibly Yellow-winged blackbird Trile LC
   Curaeus curaeus O R Yes Austral blackbird Tordo LC
   Molothrus bonariensis a O R Yes Shiny cowbird Mirlo LC
   Sturnella loyca O R Yes Long-tailed meadowlark Loica LC
  Mimidae Mimus thenca O R Yes Chilean mockingbird Tenca LC
  Passeridae Passer domesticus a O R Yes House sparrow Gorrión LC
  Thraupidae Diuca diuca G R Yes Common diuca-finch Diuca LC
   Phrygilus fruticeti G R Yes Mourning sierra-finch Yal LC
   Phrygilus gayi G M Without information Gray-hooded sierra-finch Cometocino de gay LC
   Sicalis luteola G R Yes Grassland yellow-finch Chirihue LC
  Troglodytidae Troglodytes aedon I R Yes House wren Chercán LC
  Turdidae Turdus falcklandii O R Yes Austral thrush Zorzal LC
  Tyrannidae Anairetes parulus I R Yes Tufted tit-tyrant Cachudito LC
   Colorhamphus parvirostris I M No Patagonian tyrant Viudita LC
   Elaenia albiceps O M Yes White-crested elaenia Fío-fío LC
   Muscisaxicola maclovianus I M No Dark-faced ground-tyrant Dormilona tontita LC
   Xolmis pyrope I R Without information Fire-eyed diucon Diucón LC
Piciformes Picidae Veniliornis lignarius I R Yes Striped woodpecker Carpinterito LC
Psittaciformes Psittacidae Myiopsitta monachus a G R Yes Monk parakeet Cotorra argentina LC
Strigiformes Strigidae Glaucidium nana C R Yes Austral pygmy-owl Chuncho LC
  Tytonidae Tyto alba C R Yes Barn owl Lechuza LC
Suliformes Phalacrocoracidae Phalacrocorax brasilianus P R No Neotropic cormorant Yeco LC
  1. Trophic guild (Trophic guild classification: I Insectivorous, O Omnivorous, G Granivorous, C Carnivorous, F Frugivorous, H Herbivorous, N Nectarivorous and P Piscivorous), M migratory or R resident status, urban nesting status and IUCN conservation status (LC least concern, NE not evaluated) are included for each specie. Scientific names marked with a are exotic species