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Table 2 Bird species analyzed and dietary group (G granivores; I insectivores; O omnivores; C carnivores; N nectarivore)

From: Agricultural landscapes as habitat for birds in central Chile

Common name Symbol Scientific name Diet Feeding behavior
White tailed Kite WTKI Elanus leucurus C Soaring/Ground forager
American kestrel AMKE Falco sparverius C Soaring/Ground forager
Green backed firecrown GBFI Sephanoides sephaniodes N Flower forager
House Wren HOWR Troglodytes musculus I Foliage forager
Tufted Tit tyrant TTTY Anairetes parulus I Foliage forager
Fire eyed diucon FEDI Xolmis pyrope I Aerial forager
White crested elaenia WCEL Elaenia albiceps I Foliage forager
Plain-mantled tit-spinetail PMTS Leptasthenura aegithaloides I Foliage forager
Dark-faced ground-tyrant DFGT Muscisaxicola macloviana I Ground forager
Chilean swallow CHSW Tachycineta leucopyga I Aerial forager
Picui ground-dove PIGD Columbina picui G Ground forager
Eared Dove EADO Zenaida auriculata G Ground forager
Common diuca finch CDFI Diuca diuca G Ground forager
Band-tailed sierra-finch BTSF Phrygilus alaudinus G Ground forager
Grassland yellow-finch GYFI Sicalis luteola G Ground forager
Rufous-collared sparrow RCSP Zonotrichia capensis G Ground forager
Black-chinned siskin BCSI Spinus barbata G Ground forager
California quail CAQU Callipepla californica G (E) Ground forager
Rock pigeon ROPI Columba livia G (E) Ground forager
House sparrow HOSP Passer domesticus G (E) Ground forager
Austral blackbird AUBL Curaeus curaeus O Ground forager
Long-tailed meadowlark LTME Sturnella loyca O Ground forager
Shiny cowbird SHCO Molothrus bonariensis O Ground forager
Southern lapwing SOLA Vanellus chilensis O Ground forager
Yellow-winged blackbird YWBL Agelasticus thilius O Ground forager
Austral thrush AUTR Turdus falcklandii O Ground forager
Chimango caracara CHCA Milvago chimango O Soaring/Ground forager
  1. Exotic species are marked with an (E)