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Table 1 Locality name, state, geographic coordinates, altitude, annual precipitation, slope, and Quercus species

From: Effect of host-plant genetic diversity on oak canopy arthropod community structure in central Mexico

Locality State Latitude (N), longitude (W) Altitude (m) Annual precipitation (mm) Slope (°) Quercus species
PNECh Hidalgo 20°10’, 98°41’ 2540 1, 200.2 14 Q. crassipes, Q. rugosa, Q. mexicana, Q. laurina, Q. crassifolia, Q. deserticola, and Q. greggii.
PECM Mexico City 19°15’, 99°11’ 2620 1,084.9 11 Q. crassipes, Q. rugosa, Q. castanea, Q. laeta, and Q. laurina.
Jilotepec Mexico State 19°55’, 99°29’ 2570 754.3 8 Q. crassipes, Q. rugosa, Q. laeta, and Q. crassifolia
Juchitepec Mexico State 19°05’, 98°51’ 2720 729.9 9 Q. crassipes, Q. rugosa, and Q. gregii.