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Table 1 Review of type of nest among tropical and temperate pomacentrid members

From: Nest building and description of parental care behavior in a temperate reef fish, Chromis crusma (Pisces: Pomacentridae)

Species Distribution Lt Type of nest Egg Sex Reference
Abudefduf abdominalis Tropical: Eastern Central Pacific 30 Substratum 7 Male Ridley [1978]
Abudefduf luridus Temperate: Eastern Atlantic 15 Vertical walls, algae, and sponges ND Male Ridley [1978]; Mapstone and Wood [1975]
Abudefduf saxatalis Temperate: Atlantic Ocean 23 Reef wall, crevices 5 Male Reese [1964]
Abudefduf taurus Tropical: Western Atlantic 25 Crevices 7 Male Fishelson [1998]; Mapstone and Wood [1975]
Abudefduf zonatus Tropical: Indo-Pacific 13 Sand, under rock, and coral rubble ND Male Ridley [1978]; Mapstone and Wood [1975]
Acanthochromis polyacanthus Tropical: Western Pacific 14 Dead coral under rocks 30 Biparental Ridley [1978]; Robertson [1973]
Amblyglyphidodon leucogaster Tropical: Indo-West Pacific 13 Dead coral or artificial structures 8 Male Goulet [1995], [1998]
Amphiprion bicinctus Tropical: Western Indian Ocean 14 Substratum 6 Biparental Gittleman [1981]
Amphiprion melanopus Tropical: Pacific Ocean 12 Substratum 9 Biparental Breder and Rosen [1966]; Gittleman [1981]
Amphiprion percula Tropical: Western Pacific 11 Substratum 6 Biparental Ridley [1978]
Amphiprion xanthurus Tropical: Indo-West Pacific 15 Substratum ND Biparental Gittleman [1981]
Chromis caeruleus Temperate: Mediterranean Sea 9.5 Green and turf algae 4 Male Sale [1971]
Chromis chromis Tropical and temperate: Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea 25 Under crevices 3 Male Ridley [1978]; Mapstone and Wood [1975]
Chromis cyanea Tropical: Western Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea 15 Under crevices 4 Male Albrecht [1969]; Ridley [1978]
Chromis dispilus Temperate: Southwest Pacific (New Zealand) 21 Substratum 6 Male Kingsford [1985]
Chromis multilineata Tropical: Western Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea 20 Under crevices, in Sargassum sp. 3 Male Albrecht [1969]; Myrberg et al. [1967]
Chromis notata Temperate: southern Japan, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, and China 17 Substratum 7a Male Ochi [1985]
Chromis punctipinnis Temperate: Eastern Pacific 25 Clean rock ledges or small caves 8 Male Limbaugh [1964]; Turner and Ebert [1962]
Dascyllus aruanus Tropical and temperate: Indo-West Pacific and north to southern Japan, south to Sydney, Australia 10 Substratum 3 Male Mizushima et al. [2000]
Stegastes leucorus Tropical: Eastern Central Pacific 20 Substratum 3 to 5 Male Ridley [1978]
Stegastes leucostictus Tropical: Western Atlantic 10 Shells under crevices 3 to 5 Male Ridley [1978]
Stegastes partitus Tropical: Western Atlantic and the Caribbean 10 Monolayer of species 3 to 5 Male Knapp and Warner [1991]
Hypsypops rubicunda Temperate and tropical: Eastern Central Pacific and northern central Baja California 30 Red algae 3 Male Clarke [1970]
Pomacentrus amboinensis Tropical: Western Pacific 15 Dead coral 4 Male Murphy et al. [2007]; Maddams and McCormick [2012]
Pomacentrus negasakiensis Tropical: Indo-West Pacific 11 Boulders, artificial substrata 4 Male Moyer [1975]
Premnas biaculeatus Tropical: Indo-West Pacific 17 Substratum 7 Biparental Fishelson [1998]; Ridley [1978]
  1. Geographic distribution, total length of individuals (Lt, cm), egg development in days (Egg), and sex of the individuals who perform care to their young. ND refers to not determined parameter. aMean number of days from 30 April until 24 August 1982 (Ochi [1985]).