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Table 2 Epidermis and mesophyll thickness, photosynthetic cell size, and percent intercellular space by treatment in abaxial and adaxial leaf surfaces of A. vera ( n= 20)

From: Relationships between leaf anatomy, morphology, and water use efficiency in Aloe vera (L) Burm f. as a function of water availability

Treatment/surface Thickness Photosynthetic cells Intercellular spaces (%)
Epidermis (μm) Mesophyll (μm) Length (μm) Width (μm)
 T1 39.79B 1,685.00A 145.47A 76.31A 12.02A
 T2 42.98B 1,737.20A 152.52A 72.93A 12.40A
 T3 48.76A 1,347.10B 122.77B 74.62A 11.40AB
 T4 39.93b 1,298.80c 131.22B 65.20B 8.01C
 T1 40.96B 1,707.70B 154.45A 69.18AB 14.35AB
 T2 43.36AB 1,827.20A 163.65A 68.54B 14.80A
 T3 41.87AB 1,372.50C 121.20A 66.19B 13.50B
 T4 46.25A 1,329.60C 111.71B 75.91A 11.40C
Average 42.99 1,563.14 140.37 71.11 12.23
  1. Values with different letter designations in the same column and surface are significantly different (P ≤ 0.05).