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Figure 3

From: Relationships between leaf anatomy, morphology, and water use efficiency in Aloe vera (L) Burm f. as a function of water availability

Figure 3

Principal component analysis showing the relationships between anatomy, morphology, and WUE in A. vera . T1 to T4, treatments; CT, cuticle thickness; stmN°, stomata number; stmL, stomata length; stmD, distance between stomata; stmW, stomata width; OW, ostiole width; OL, ostiole length; EpT, epidermis thickness; MT, mesophyll thickness; VD, distance between vascular bundles; FCW, photosynthetic cells width; FCL, photosynthetic cells length; BWleaf, leaf basal width; BTleaf, leaf basal thickness; LeafVol, leaf volume; LA, leaf area; FW, leaf fresh weight; Suc index, succulence index; DWleaf, leaf dry weight; Tbiomass, total biomass; WUE, water use efficiency.

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