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Figure 2

From: Relationships between leaf anatomy, morphology, and water use efficiency in Aloe vera (L) Burm f. as a function of water availability

Figure 2

Scanning electron micrographs of leaves. Cross and tangential sections of the abaxial surface of leaves from (a) T2 and (b) T4 plants, with arrows indicating a stoma on the leaf surface (×300). The tangential section also shows the mesophyll tissue (Me) and epidermis-cuticle (Ep). Images of the stomata of leaves of (c) T2 and (d) T4 plants, showing the difference in the amount of epidermal wax surrounding the stomata of the two plants; arrows indicate the ostioles (OS) of the stomata (×1,500). (e, f) Close-up images of stomata, showing guard cells (GC) and ostioles (Os).

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